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An Unconventional Approach to a Conventional Custom December 27, 2010

Posted by helpmeronda in On Leading an Unconventional Life.

So, we all know that getting married is a normal custom that people from all different backgrounds and cultures participate in. From the most formal of traditional weddings, to the freakiest of the bizarre, getting married is about as conventional as it gets.

Well, I want that too, but here’s the thing. As a woman of color who has an undeniable and unwavering love of white men, I have grown completely tired and despaired of trying to find that special man in my life here in the murky midst of Forsyth County, Georgia, the South, and even the United States in general.

I know it is said that it is not our duty to find love, but rather to seek out and address the obstacles within us that prevent us from having it. That being said, as I contemplate my journey of the unconventional life I am constructing for myself, I am intrigued at the possibility that, during my travels, love will stumble over me and knock me out somewhere in Europe! That is my unconventional approach.

Rather than refer to it as “husband hunting”, I simply plan to avail myself to the possibilities that my love interest has been waiting for me over there for all this time. For some undisclosed reason, I seem to be drawn to that part of the world. Although I have never been, it is as though there is a sort of homecoming on the horizon. I feel as though I am compelled to get back to a life I already had begun to live some long time ago in another dimension. After all, I have always been an old soul. It would make perfect sense that I am being summoned by an old soul mate in the streets of Paris, or the hills of Italy, or at the bridges of London.

Who is he? Well, I have a feeling I already know him, and he knows me. I can hardly wait to see him again, through these young eyes in this new vessel called Ronda.



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